Guu Original

Ah finally I visited the original Guu! So far I’ve been to Guu with Garlic, Guu Otokomae, Guu Garden and Guu Richmond! Okay that covers most of them right… Luckily we snagged the last spot at the bar and didn’t have to line up during dinner time. I just don’t like lining up x)

Sake MojitoMy friend had the Sake Mojito made with Ramune (Japanese soda with the marble at the top). It was pretty good and for me that means that I didn’t taste much alcohol haha The Ramune comes separately and you can pour in as much as you want yourself.

Guu OriginalThis was on the daily specials menu. I believe it was Tuna and Avocado with garlic chips and mayo? I forgot the name of this… It wasn’t too exciting and I think the avocado was a bit brown in some places. However the smooth texture went well with the fresh tuna. The garlic chips didn’t do much for me. I’m just not a fan of garlic in chip form.

Guu OriginalThis was the BBQ Eel and Seasonal Mushroom Rice Gratin.Β I’ve had this before and it was super tasty and warm! There was a decent amount of eel (which I have a weakness for) and the mushroom flavour was very evident. There was also a bit of cheese too and it was just delicious!

Guu OriginalThis was their version of Miso Marinated Sablefish.Β You just can’t go wrong with ordering this!!! Its’s so buttery and soft and flakey and it just melts in your mouth!!! I found the mayo on top really unnecessary though.

Guu OriginalThis was the Spicy Calamari and as good as it sounded on paper. It didn’t deliver in reality. It was just really underwhelming. It could’ve been seasoned better and the squid rings weren’t really that big and it wasn’t spicy. Also I think it was over fried. I should’ve got the chicken kaarage instead or something but I was trying to try something else.

Despite the small space and being crammed at the bar, the food was still pretty good and prices are fair.

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