Sushi Bella

After exploring Sushi Bella’s website online, I decided that it was a reasonably priced sushi place with menu items I’d like to eat. It seemed to be almost like an izakaya but with a lot more rolls and regular sushi house items. I also loved that their theme colour was turquoise. I’ve biased towards blue colours x) Sushi Bella has three locations: downtown, Kitsilano and North Vancouver. We visited the Kitsilano location on W4th avenue.

Sushi BellaFrom left to right: Ocean Dream roll, Paradise roll, Ugly Truth roll. They were all really tasty and interesting fusions. Especially the Ugly Truth roll which had “Bacon, asparagus, crab mix, cheesy chopped scallop tataki & bonito on top”. Mmm bacon! Need I say more? I’m still not over my bacon phase… The highlight of the Paradise roll was the mango salsa they had on top. Which was essentially cubes of mango with some refreshing sweet citrus dressing. The Ocean Dream roll had negitoro and avocado inside topped with tuna and a chili mayo sauce. All three rolls were very delicious!

Sushi BellaOn their daily specials menu, they had a Corn Cheese Croquette which sounded delicious (deep fried+cheese)! There were 3 large balls accompanied with a side of salad and mayo.

Sushi Bella

Close up!

Unfortunately this missed the mark for me. There was just way too much cheese and hardly any corn… the cheese just overpowered everything for me. If you like cheese though you might think differently. I think it was just cheddar cheese.

Sushi Bella

I noticed the Baked Dynamite on their menu and it sounded really good with various seafood items and lots of cheesy sauce. I don’t know why but I was in a cheesy mood that day. It had scallops, prawns, oysters, and some veggies like onions and mushrooms all covered in cheese. It actually looked like a baked seafood on rice dish from a HK style cafe minus the rice. We were informed that it would take longer for them to make this dish due to the baking. There was a decent amount of small seafood pieces. At least there were some veggies although it’s probably not healthy if they’re all covered in cheese. It was not bad but I wouldn’t order it again.

I wouldn’t mind coming back to try some of their other stuff like mango prawns or crispy crab cakes and sashimi nachos. If only they weren’t so far away because I would definitely visit more!

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