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My company had our Christmas lunch at West Restaurant. It’s located on Granville and 13th next to the TNA store and I’ve never noticed it here before! We sat behind the kitchen and I could peek in through the windows and see them cooking. The interior is quite classy but modern with high ceilings and red felt wallpaper with a paisley design. I’ve never seen that before. Most of our party decided to go with their 3 course lunch for $29.

West Restaurant

We started off with some complimentary bread. The bread was served warm and in small pieces so it was cute looking and easy to eat. One was a whole wheat with pumpkin seed and the other was potato, olive and chive. I couldn’t really tell that there was potato, olive and chive though. They gave our table a few baskets and refilled the bread for us  a few times which was nice since we had so many people.

West RestaurantFor my appetizer I had the Langley Organic Trout with apple and fennel salad, pine nuts and lemon. The trout felt similar to a large piece of smoked salmon. Well it did have that smokey salty flavour to it and it was slightly charred on the outside. It was also moist and almost sashimi-like. The salad part was not particularly special.

West RestaurantThe other appetizer option was the Ginger Broth with chicken and foie gras dumplings and enoki mushrooms. The comments on this was that it tasted really Asian. The dumplings are first served on a plate and then the server comes over and pours in the broth over it. The dumpling didn’t really taste that special to me too I’m no foie gras expert so I could only taste the chicken and there were only 2 dumplings. I don’t think I’ve had real foie gras before… It just tasted like a really Asian dumpling to me.

West RestaurantFor my main I had the Duck Confit Leg with soisson beans, apple and red cabbage. The duck was nicely cooked with a crispy skin and it was still a bit pink inside. The meat came off the bone easily and it was nicely seasoned. The beans were the biggest beans I’ve ever seen in my life! I don’t really like beans though so I can’t comment. The red cabbage was interesting since it tasted pickled and I think the purple sauce was also red cabbage puree? I have no idea but it did taste a bit similar… I would’ve like the duck leg better if it was served with other things besides beans and pickled cabbage. The duck itself was good though.

West RestaurantThe other option for the main was the Mixed Grain Risotto with shaved root vegetables and fromage frais. I tried a bit of this and I thought it could’ve been more creamy since I mostly tasted the different textures of the grains. I think I would’ve preferred it better if there was only one type of grain or rice. I still like my duck leg better!

West Restaurant

One of my coworkers ordered the Linguine with bacon and plenty of parmesan cheese.

West Restaurant

Another one of my coworkers had the Double Stuffed Ravioli with mushrooms, spinach and truffles.

West RestaurantFor dessert I opted for the Chocolate Parfait Sandwich with white chocolate sour cream mousse, hazelnut wafer and raspberry compote.

West Restaurant
Side View

The mousse was nice and cold and chocolatey. The raspberry compote helped with the sweetness but it wasn’t that sweet to me. I was trying to not destroy it as I ate it. It was the fanciest ice cream sandwich I’ve ever had! Apparently this dessert would’ve cost $14 which is half the price of the 3 course lunch already so it was totally worth it.

West Restaurant

The other dessert option was the Almond Blancmange with apple oat cake, pomegranate fruit salad and apple earl grey sorbet. I’m not sure what a blancmange is but the orange cake part was really soft like a mousse and the white stuff on top was cotton candy. The oat cake was alright it looks like an oat bar but it’s a lot softer. The earl grey sorbet was really flavourful too bad the scoop was so tiny!

West Restaurant

Someone else ordered the Petit Fours. Not sure what they were…

West Restaurant

At the end of our meal, we were served cold Pumpkin Spice Truffle Balls. I like that they were cold it feels like it tasted better. It was crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside and then I could finally taste the pumpkin spice.

It was pretty good but not mind blowing. I think dessert was still my favourite part. Service was also very attentive. My boss ordered apple cider with a cinnamon stick and they made it even though it wasn’t on the menu. Although it probably wasn’t that complicated but it was still nice.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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