Beta5 Chocolates: Delightful Cream Puffs

If you haven’t noticed already I seem to work near a lot of restaurants! Beta5 Chocolates is also surprisingly close on Industrial Avenue. You would never really look for a chocolate shop there but it is there. Even though they are one of North America’s top 10 chocolatiers, they are also well known for their cream puffs and that’s what we tried!

Beta5 ChocolatesYou can see them working in the back through this large window. The shop part is actually quite small.

Beta5 ChocolatesHere are all the cream puffs they have available! We were informed they didn’t have any more of the chocolate pastry shells though which was fine.

Beta5 ChocolatesWe decided to share a box of 4 so it was $16/box whereas it is $4.50 each if you buy them individually. At the top left we have the 85% Dark Chocolate and Caramel cream puff, top right is the Milk Chocolate S’mores cream puff, bottom right is the Blueberry Yuzu cream puff and the last one is the Salted Caramel cream puff. They’re all decorated with something on top so you know which one is which.

Beta5 ChocolatesClose up of my Salted Caramel! Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the inside. The exterior was more crunchy than I expected and these cream puffs were pretty big compared to say Beard Papa’s. The filling was pretty good and not too sweet! There was just enough salt to balance out the sweetness.

I also tried the 85% dark chocolate and caramel cream puff and it was very rich and chocolatey. The consistency of the filling was also more solid and less creamy than my salted caramel.

We all agreed that they were delicious! They are quite pricey though for a cream puff.

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