Railtown Cafe

I came here to pick up lunch with my co workers since it’s awfully close to us and we can’t have Meat and Bread everyday right? Railtown Cafe serves sandwiches, soups, salads and baked goods. They can get pretty busy at lunch time.

Railtown CafeThe first time I went I ordered The Pork Sandwich with tender shoulder, jalapeño, cilantro, pickled vegetable aioli, french baguette. Okay so I mentally compared this to Meat and Bread and they’re not really the same kind of sandwich but I still like Meat and Bread more. The crunchy baguette held everything together and the pork was tender but it wasn’t that flavourful. It was tender though but I expected it to be more… exciting. It was also kind of like a Banh Mi with the cilantro and pickled vegetables and french baguette. It was still a good sandwich but I think I had really high expectations haha

Railtown CafeI also shared the Chicken Quiche with my co worker. The chicken part was really dry. It was just sitting on top and it wasn’t covered up in the store so that’s probably why. The rest of it was okay. I don’t eat a lot of quiche so I can’t really comment.

Railtown Cafe

On my other visit, I had The Smoked Turkey with avocado, provolone, ancho chili aioli, sourdough. There was a lot of turkey inside!

Railtown CafeSince the bread was thin it had trouble holding the large mound of turkey inside. I like the ancho chili aioli though since I like spicy food and there was more flavour to it. I think I would’ve liked this better in a different type of bread though. Also because it would hold the sauce inside a bit better. Both sandwiches I had cost $10 and they’re both quite hefty. You can also add a side salad or soup for $3.

They were good sandwiches overall but I still like Meat and Bread better!

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