La Chocolaterie: Smooth Creamy Chocolates

I was gifted with two boxes of chocolates from La Chocolaterie! They are located inside the Japanese market Izumiya. I’ve never been to their store though. I think they also set up booths at farmer’s markets and places like UBC since I’ve seen them there before.

La Chocolaterie


The boxes come with 9 pieces each.Β La Chocolaterie

This was Sakura flavoured. I’m not sure what it was exactly but it tasted a bit salty?

La Chocolaterie

This was the Green Tea flavor and there was a distinct green tea flavour in every piece. The chocolates taste very smooth and creamy. The texture is almost like those cheesecake cubes you add to your froyo from Qoola but less creamy and thick. They’re very light and not too sweet and they also have some other unique fruity flavours. The chocolates are really good but they’re a bit pricey since it’s $5 for a box.

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