Catch 122 Bistro-Brunch Everyday

My co workers and I decided to go to Catch 122 for lunch and it turns out they serve brunch everyday too! Awesome! =D For some reason I am super fond of brunch food right now so this was the perfect place to be. All brunch items are $12. We went around 1pm and it wasn’t very busy so we didn’t have to wait.

Catch 122 BistroThis was the Duck Proscuitto Eggs Benedict with Potato Hash. The duck proscuitto was salty was expected and I think it also made the english muffin a bit salty too. The eggs were nicely poached! I was expecting more proscuitto though but maybe that would be overwhelming since it’s salty?

Catch 122 Bistro

This was the Braised Short Ribs Eggs Benedict with Potato Hash. Short ribs were super tender and flavourful. Hash browns were nicely cooked too and pretty standard.

Catch 122 Bistro

This was the Duck Confit Sandwich with Fries. Didn’t try the sandwich but the fries were soft and fluffy on the inside. I thought the portion of food here was generous too. My co worker packed half of it to go.

Catch 122 Bistro

This was the Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup? I tried this in a previous visit and I loved it! I was also in love with pulled pork so that probably explains it. I believe the hash browns on the side are from my other co worker.

Catch 122 Bistro

I had the Dirty Breakfast. Believe it or not, under those sunny side up eggs lie some delicious duck confit over duck fat toast. As you may or may not have noticed, I really like duck right now! The eggs are topped with maple beans. I don’t even like beans that much but these were good. They had a slightly sweet taste mixed with something like ketchup/tomato sauce. The eggs were also perfectly made and the presentation was beautiful. This was definitely a rich meal. The duck fat toast was buttery as expected. Everything just worked really well together here! I can’t believe I only just discovered their brunch!

Super satisfied with brunch here! Everything is also $12 which is pretty reasonable. All the other menu items seemed appetizing too so I’m sure I will be back.

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