Long Suika Lunch Review!

I’ve been to Suika for lunch 3 times now so I thought I’d do a longer review today!


Lunch Menu

SuikaThis was the Double Tonkatsu Set served with two kids of dipping sauce. They also let you grind up your own sesame seeds to add to the sauce for a nuttier flavour. This was a super filling set and the tonkatsu was nicely fried, not too dry and not too oily. I like how they present it on a rack too.


All the lunch sets are also served with complimentary salad for your table.

SuikaChicken Karaage! Deep fried juicy goodness. I don’t ‘think the pepper salt really adds much to it though.


Negitoro Bowl Set with chopped tuna and green onion, ikura, Japanese pickles and mountain yam. Delicious but the portion seemed small.


Ebi-Chili Bowl Set with 6 prawns, chili oil and tartar sauce. There was also scrambled egg but it wasn’t very noticeable when mixed with everything else. The prawns were crunchy and had a nice level of spiciness but I think there was a bit too much sauce in this. For some reason I also expected the prawns to be battered like in Ebi Mayo dishes but I still liked it though!

SuikaThe Negitoro Battera didn’t taste as good as I remembered it though. It had tuna and green onions in the pressed box sushi style but it wasn’t as smooth as I remembered and I didn’t get that melt in your mouth feeling. The seaweed paste also didn’t do anything for me so I was a bit disappointed this time.


The Ebi Mayo comes with 8 or 9 battered prawns drizzled with chili mayo sauce. The prawns were quite large and crunchy and there was just enough chili mayo.


We also tried the Hellz Chicken which was the spicy version of the chicken karaage and we asked for the sauce on the side. The sauce wasn’t like flame searingly hot as advertised phew. It was more like a thick Frank’s red hot mixed with some other flavours that I can’t quite describe but it was addictive!

SuikaI’ve always wanted to try the Hamburg Set and you also have the option of adding cheese for $0.50. It came on a hot plate with potatoes and you also have a choice between soy onion sauce or teriyaki sauce. Then they pour the sauce over the steak at your table before serving it. They also put a newspaper shield around it so that the sauce doesn’t splatter everywhere which is nice! This was really soft and it was like the size of a baseball. It was quite juicy and the potatoes were tasty since they soacked up most of the sauce on the plate.



This was the AAA Beef Rib Steak Set which was also served with potatoes and soy onion sauce. The steak rested on top of the potatoes so that it wouldn’t overcook on the hot plate! That was a great idea. The steak was ok but I thought it was a bit chewy.


This was the Seafood Bowl Set with 5 types of fish and grated mountain potato. Fresh and tasty! This was a popular option at our table.


One of the dessert specials was the Coffee Jello Tiramisu. The little leaf on top with the cocoa powder made it look like a potted plant which was kind of cute. However, flavour wise I thought the coffee jello tasted weird and I would have preferred a traditional tiramisu instead. The coffee jello is really coffee flavoured jello just like it sounds. The idea and presentation was interesting though.


The other dessert we shared was the Frozen Matcha Creme Brulee with red bean sauce and whipped cream. This was so good! It was cold and filled with matcha flavour but it wasn’t frozen to the point that it was difficult to eat either. I recommend this!


If you’re an Earl Grey fan you must also try the Earl Grey Creme Brulee! The creamy creme brule was saturated with Earl Grey flavour but still tasted very light. I highly recommend this too!

Overall I was more than satisfied with all my lunch visits here and the prices are reasonable too. They also have a lot of variety and a unique space. It’s also not too loud or crowded either. I will be back!

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