Portland Trip: Mother’s Bistro and Bar

While I was researching on Urbanspoon, I read about Mother’s Bistro and Bar located downtown. The location was convenient for us to visit and the pricing seemed reasonable and the reviews were pretty good too so I put it on my to-eat list. They focus on home cooking just like your mom made it. The restaurant had large floor to ceiling windows so it was nice and bright inside. They also have a lounge section and a restaurant section. It looked a bit vintage but classy?

Mother's Bistro and Bar

We started off with a large basket of bread and butter. I have no idea what kind of bread this was but the pieces were huge! Despite not being warm, they were still very soft and buttery. This would fill you up for sure!

Mother's Bistro and Bar

House salad

Mother's Bistro and Bar

This was the Mom’s Meatloaf and Gravy with smashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. They really don’t skimp on the gravy! I thought it made the meatloaf taste more salty.

Mother's Bistro and Bar

Lasagna! This was a pretty big portion and my friend didn’t end up finishing it. I think this was my favourite out of all the dishes we ordered. Unfortunately it wasn’t mine haha

Mother's Bistro and Bar

Mexican Chopped Salad. The romaine lettuce was mixed with chicken and tortilla strips. The Mexican part came from the tomatoes, red onions and avocado. This was the small size.

Mother's Bistro and Bar

This was the Pulled Pork with smashed potatoes, gravy and seasonal vegetables. There was just way too much sauce here you can’t even see the pork. Maybe people here really like gravy? The pork was tender though but really all you can taste is gravy.

Mother's Bistro and Bar

The Steak Frites was the most expensive dish and it ended up being a disappointing. The fries were really thin and slightly burnt so they were overly crispy and hard. In the end they were not eaten. The steak actually had a lot of fat in it but flavour wise it was good and the portion was a good deal for $19.95.

Mother's Bistro and Bar

To end our meal, we were served complimentary cookies. Yay! Not really sure what kind of cookies they were but they were appreciated. :)  I didn’t think the food we had was particularly amazing but the ambiance was nice and I think they pulled off the “mother’s home cooking” concept.

Mother's Bistro & Bar on Urbanspoon

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