Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s has been around for a while and I remember when they first opened in Aberdeen, they were all the rage! Then they expanded in Vancouver and opened stores everywhere! Their flavours range from chocolate to green tea and strawberry as well as other seasonal flavours. I was at Richmond Centre and noticed that they had Cookies N’ Cream as their new flavour so I thought I’d give it a try. They also serve eclairs and fondants and cheesecake sticks to name a few. Surprisingly, I haven’t blogged about them yet!

Beard Papa's

The pastry shells are pre-made already and all they have to do is fill it with cream once you have ordered. Then the top is sprinkled with some powdered sugar. They also have a cocoa version where the pastry shell is chocolate flavoured.

Beard Papa's

I thought that the pastry shell had no flavour and tasted kinda bland in contrast to the cold cream filling inside. The flavour of the filling was mild though and it was hard to pick up the cookie’s n’ creme flavour despite the noticeable cookie bits in the cream. Overall the cream puff tastes very light and they put quite a lot of filling in it! I don’t feel like they were as addictive as they once were though so probably my tastes have changed… *cough Beta5 cream puffs cough* It’s not bad for a snack at the mall once in a while though.

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