Bob Likes Thai Food

I’ve been meaning to try Bob Likes Thai Food for while especially due to the funky name. Yes I’m a sucker for cool names. The restaurant was empty except for us at 1pm on a Friday afternoon and no Bob in sight of course. Bob is suppose to represent the average Joe who likes Thai food. We were about to find out if we were going to be a bunch of Bob’s that day.

Bob likes Thai Food Menu

All lunches are $9!

Bob Likes Thai Food

My friend ordered a Thai Iced Tea and it was served in this tall skinny glass. I’ve never tried Thai Iced Tea before so this was my first time. It was really good! It was comparable to HK style milk tea but a lot sweeter. The lady who served us said that they don’t use condensed milk in their version which is what is traditionally used I believe.

Bob Likes Thai Food

My friend suggested the Beef Salad because she had it before. This is from their regular menu. The salad consisted of cucumbers and tomatoes mixed in a spicy fish sauce vinaigrette. It doesn’t seem spicy at first but as you keep eating more you’ll feel it. The beef was presented in small thin chunks and it was actually really dry and chewy. My other friend commented that it was almost like beef jerky. I was expecting a different kind of beef so I didn’t really like this version.

Bob Likes Thai Food

This was the Beef with Fresh Ginger and mixed vegetables served with a side of rice and arugula salad. The beef was on the dry side and it tasted similar to a Chinese stir fried dish so we didn’t think this was anything special. All the dishes are also served with 2 pieces of fried wonton which really don’t taste like much.

Bob Likes Thai Food

This was the Green Curry with Chicken which I didn’t end up trying.

Bob Likes Thai Food

I had the Pad Thai which I was craving for. I expected more ingredients in it but it seemed like it was mostly firm tofu with a few small and slightly overcooked prawns. The flavour of the Pad Thai was sweet and slightly tangy and all the rice noodles were nicely coated with the sweet fish sauce. I wish the bean sprouts sprinkled on top were cooked though. For my side of salad, it didn’t actually come with any dressing so I ended up using the leftover vinaigrette from the Beef Salad.

Ok so I had slightly high expectations for the food so it wasn’t amazing but not bad either? While I was on Urbanspoon, I also learned that they have another location on Broadway and Granville now so you could always check that out.

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