Cafe de L’Orangerie

Cafe de L’Orangerie is in a small plaza on W73rd and Hudson. It’s right next to Penang Delight Cafe. They serve a lot of Japanese style spaghetti and Japanese takes on other dishes.

Cafe de L'Orangerie

We shared this Beef Stew Poutine with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It comes in a small or large size and this was the small but it was still a pretty big portion to me. The beef stew was just minced beef with some small pieces of carrot and onion. The cheese was actually in slices under the sauce so a lot of it wasn’t melted yet when it was served but it did eventually melt more. The fries were exactly like Costco fries!!! I love Costco fries since they’re quite crispy but still soft so this was a win for me! I could probably eat this for my entree.

Cafe de L'Orangerie

This was the Masago de Creamy Spaghetti and it was indeed very creamy! There were bits of squid and mushroom mixed it as well as fish roe. I liked this pasta over the one I ordered although both were pretty good.

Cafe de L'Orangerie

This was the Wafu Style Spaghetti with bonito flakes, mushroom, garlic, bacon and cabbage. I think I picked this because it had bacon hehe The noodles were al-dente and the dish was savoury from the bacon and soy sauce? I’m not sure what sauce it was… The portions for the pasta were also really big and I couldn’t finish mine! Especially not after the poutine appetizer.  Also it’s only $10 so it was a good deal! You will be full from all the carbs for sure.

They also have a display case with all their desserts which are home made so maybe I will try those next time! I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was and I think I will visit more since I live nearby! It’s also a nice place to chat and hang out if it’s not too busy.

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