New Ramen Joint: Ramen Koika

Vancouver has quite a few ramen restaurants now but there’s always room for more right? Ramen Koika has opened on Davie and Bute St. and they just had their grand opening last week. I went while they still had their soft opening special where every bowl was only $6 with tax included! What a steal!

Ramen KoikaThis was the Cheese Smile Ramen with a light miso flavoured broth, shredded pork, corn, bamboo shoots and mozzarella cheese. My friend also added a side of soft boiled egg. The broth did have a nice light flavour but I only had one sip so I’m not sure about how heavy it would taste after all the cheese!

Ramen Koika

This was the Smoky Miso Ramen with corn, stir fried shredded pork, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts. I was debating between this ramen or the Black Garlic one and ended up getting the Black Garlic one. The broth did have a very slight smoky flavour but it was still Β subtle and I wouldn’t know it was considered “smoky”. There was also lots of shredded pork and my friend who usually doesn’t like ramen said she liked it!

Ramen Koika

Finally I had the Black Garlic Shoyu Ramen with seaweed, bamboo shoots, soft boiled egg, black tree fungus, black garlic oil and cha-su. There was an ample helping of garlic chips which gave the broth intense garlic flavour! For the cha-su, you can choose to have it fatty or lean. I picked fatty this time haha but it actually was less fatty than I expected which isn’t a bad thing. The cha-su is slightly seared though so it gave it extra flavour but to me it just tasted a bit burnt so I’d rather they didn’t do that since the garlic flavour was already pretty intense. The egg was also pretty flavorful too. As for the noodles, they were cooked right for me since I’m not very picky about it. Overall this was one satisfyingΒ bowl of ramen so I think I’ll be back!

I also like how they have an open kitchen in front of the bar style seating area but it’s behind a glass wall so while you’re eating you don’t get really hot from all the smoke and steam if you’re sitting there! You can visit their Facebook page for more updates; it seems like they just came out with Icy Matcha Noodles (no idea what that is…)?

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