Guu Original: Lunch

I’ve only been to Guu for lunch once I think and the other times were always for dinner. Hence I did not know they had such great lunch specials! Everything was $8-10 which I think is a pretty good deal. Usually for dinner they have small tapas that are meant to be shared so it was weird seeing larger portions here.

Guu Original

Guu Original

This was the Curry Doria. It was a delicious combination of chicken, corn, onion, curry, creamy white sauce on rice with melted cheese!!! I think the melted cheese sealed the deal on this. On the menu they don’t have it with curry but my friend who has been here before asked if they could add the curry since she’s ordered it before and they said it was ok. Of course it is a heavy and filling meal since it was very cheesy and creamy. I can’t believe I haven’t tried this sooner!

Guu Original

It also came with a side salad to offset the heaviness from the Curry Doria.

Guu Original

I had the Tamagotoji-Don with deep fried chicken, egg, onion and dashi broth on rice with a side of miso soup. The portion of chicken was huge! It was slightly sweet and very tender. ย The egg was mixed into the rice with the broth so it was on the wet side but it was really addicting! Also, I love fried chicken!ย Some of the pieces were not crisp anymore since the rice was wet but I didn’t mind. ย So glad I ordered this hehehe They also have the option of just the deep fried chicken on rice with no egg for $1 less.

The rice bowl was a pretty good size and the lunch menu is cheaper than places like Kingyo and Suika. I was also surprised that it was much cheaper than dinner!

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  1. Hanson says:

    Wow I’m really surprised by the size of everything for lunch too! I wish some of these items could show up on a seasonal menu for dinner or something.

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