Le Petit Belge: Satisfy your Waffle Cravings

I’ve been to Nero Belgian Waffles once and I was absolutely hooked. It’s been raved about a lot and it did not disappoint when I tried it for the first time this year. However, they are usually quite busy and I am deterred by line ups… hence I was excited to learn about Le Petit Belge and their waffles which looked pretty much the same as Nero’s! =D

When I went in on a late Sunday afternoon, they were really quiet and there were only 2 other customers in the cafe. They had a few croissants and other desserts in a display case.

Le Petit Belge

For the waffles, they have 3 sweet options and 2 savoury options. The price for the Brussels waffle is a bit more than for a liege waffle since the Brussels waffle is bigger? Pricing was reasonable though and on par with Nero.

Le Petit Belge

Say hello to this magnificent waffle!!! This was the Majesty with Bresilienne nuts, ice cream, whipped cream, banana slices and caramel drizzle.

Le Petit Belge

The waffle was freshly made and loaded with toppings! There were banana slices lining both sides of the waffle! The whole thing was huuuuge!!! I was very impressed with the size and amount of toppings on this so I got my bang for my buck. The waffle was warm and slightly crisp on the outside and there were so many toppings this could’ve been a meal itself instead of dessert. Don’t worry I shared! the whole thing actually didn’t feel that sweet though and the bananas were very filling. The nuts were crunchy and added some texture to the dessert. I think the waffle could’ve been a bit fluffier? But I’m not sure since there were so many toppings it kinda overwhelmed the waffle too. It was still a very satisfying dessert though.

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