Menya Japanese Noodle

On an impromtu lunch, we had no idea where we were going so we ended up driving by Menya Japanese Noodle and I was just like ok let’s try it. The interior was actually more spacious than I expected and definitely more spacious than a lot of other ramen joints which was nice. Their stools were also shaped like tree stumps. The menu was also more extensive than other ramen restaurants and included yakisoba and bento boxes.

Menya Japanese Noodle

My friend decided to order the Oyako Don which was mixed with some snow peas and came with a side salad. There wasn’t that much chicken and it was chopped up pieces of chicken too. The egg part didn’t look very appetizing… rice seemed a bit hard… I was expecting something better looking but it does look close to the image they have on their menu.

Menya Japanese NoodleI tried the Menya Shoyu Ramen Β which came with cha-shu and thin noodles. I thought the broth was really weak and didn’t have much flavour at all. The thin noodles were soft and the egg was over cooked and not soft boiled. I wasn’t motivated to eat it so I gave it to my friend. The cha-shu was okay but the slices were thin and not that big. It was soft and not too fatty or lean though.

Overall I thought the ramen would be better since their reviews are good and their location was busy but it was mehhh… there are way better ramen places in Vancouver! Not sure if it was just the ramen I picked that I didn’t like…

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