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My co worker had heard about the Brown Paper Packages ice cream sandwiches available at Pazzo Chow so we decided to pick up some take out for lunch along with an ice cream sandwich. It’s on the corner of Quebec and Keefer street on the side of the big parking lot for Floata Seafood restaurant if you know what I’m talking about…They had really nice looking pictures on Instagram so we were excited to try it out.

Pazzo Chow MenuTheir menu changes daily so you’ll have to go there and check what they have. This was the menu on the day we went and it was all vegetarian food.

Pazzo Chow

The tiny shop also sells some Italian food and merchandise such as pasta sauce, pasta and olives.

Pazzo ChowSorry for the crappy lighting. This was the Peach and Plum salad with arugula, almonds, cashews and goat cheese. The peach and plums were fresh and tasty and I like the addition of the creamy goat cheese to the salad. The salad was pre-made and came out of the fridge. While the fruits were good and organic, it didn’t seem like it was worth $8.

Pazzo Chow

We also ordered the Baked Baby Eggplant with heirloom tomatoes, arrabiata sauce, greens and foccacia bread. Firstly I am not that much of a fan of eggplant so I might be kinda biased here. The sauce as slightly spicy which was nice and the foccacia bread is made in-house. For an all vegetable dish we just expected more… and we felt disappointed they didn’t include anything else with the eggplant. It would’ve been nice if it was eggplant lasagna or something.

Pazzo Chow

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Ice Cream Sandwich! We got the Strawberry Blonde flavor which is strawberry ice cream with a lemon cookie. They only had one other flavor though which was something like raspberry and chocolate? Besides ice cream sandwiches, they also serve scoops of ice cream and affogato.

Pazzo Chow

There was actually a lot of ice cream and it would be difficult to eat if you were to just bite it. We cut it in half and shared. The ice cream was alright but the cookie part tasted really weird. It was too soft and tasted a bit herb-like… in a way it reminded me of the foccacia bread we just ate with the eggplant. This just did not fly with us. =(

Overall I think there are other places where I can get a better $8 lunch. Also, it would help if they had some meat!

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