Shishinori is a new Japanese cafe that has set lunches and rice bowls as well as matcha desserts. It’s located next to Save On Foods on Cambie. The interior is wood themed and they were also projecting an anime on the back wall instead of using a TV which I thought was a smart idea. Besides lunch they also have breakfast items which they were still serving around 1pm when I was there. Maybe they serve them until they run out?

Shishinori Lunch Menu

There menu is displayed on the window for passer-bys to see. ShishinoriThis was the Hawaii Ahi Poke Bowl and if you add $2.50 you can make it a lunch set with either a drink and soup or dessert. The presentation was absolutely beautiful! It was super colorful from all the different vegetables and nicely arranged. For the flavour, you can choose between spicy/shoyu/wasabi. The spicy flavour is apparently the most popular so we went with that.  Shishinori also only serves brown rice with their meals so it is also a bit healthier. The drink was a refreshing Strawberry Iced Tea which had bits of strawberry floating in it and was not sweetened much at all . The soup of the day was a Portobello Mushroom Soup which was like a portobello version of miso soup.


As for myself, I had the Wild Salmon Paradise Bowl which was equally stunning in presentation and it matched the fancy name too. This was very similar to the Ahi Poke Bowl but with Salmon and it was also a bit cheaper. The bowl had mango and avocado and also came with half a soft boiled egg. The soft boiled egg could’ve been more soft boiled though and it didn’t taste like it was marinated. There was a decent amount of salmon and I loved how all the flavours mixed together and it was refreshing and tasty. The brown rice is hidden under all the other ingredients!

I really wanted to try their matcha desserts but I’d be too full but they have a Matcha Ice Cream Float that looked pretty good! Also, there aren’t many places that serve matcha soft serve either! Teehee I am planning my next dessert run…

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