Late Night at Deer Garden

After watching Guardians of the Galaxy at Metrotown, we went for a late dinner! Actually we were going to go to Sushi Mura but they were closing already…so we ended up going to Deer Garden on Fraser and I’ve never been to this location before.

Deer Garden

Grilled Beef Tongue! I love the salt and pepper on top and the bouncy texture. They now serve this one some corn and veggies. Before it was just by itself on a plate I think.

Deer Garden

I ordered the Japanese Style Fried Pork Chop on rice with an egg. This came with a ton of rice as well as a bit of onion and mushroom mixed in. It really could’ve used some more sauce though. The rice was really plain with no sauce. The pork chop was kinda meh and could’ve been seasoned more. This cost $6.95 so it’s a good deal if you want to be full and if you don’t mind a lot of plain rice.

Deer GardenThis was the Japanese Style Unagi on rice with an egg. Pretty much what I had but with unagi instead and it costs $2 more. I think the unagi tasted better than my pork chop. Also needs more sauce though!

Deer Garden

Hot drinks come with the meal but cold drinks are an additional … $1? I just got hot chocolate which was the generic powdered kind.

Ok so maybe I should stick to their noodle soups… these two rice bowls turned out to be less appealing than advertised. I’ve had the pork chop rice with onion sauce before though and that was pretty good.

Deer Garden Signatures 鹿園魚湯米線 on Urbanspoon

What did you think?