Waffles at Belgium Place

A new waffle place  opened up where Death by Chocolate used to be on the corner of Fir and Broadway. My friend who was craving waffles suggested IHop and I’m just like no… after some research I found Belgium Place! It’s got the word Belgium in it so they should make good waffles right? They also serve some soups and sandwiches too. The cafe space has a lot of wood furnishing and they also have a shelf with a few French kid’s books. It doesn’t seem too busy so it could be a nice place to chat with some friends.

Belgium PlaceThe waffles are all Liege waffles and cost $3.80 plain. They also have waffles with chocolate and waffles with chocolate and almonds. and they are both $4.75. This was the Waffles with Strawberry and it was one of the special creations on the menu. It was served with 2 scoops of vanilla gelato and strawberry compote with a side of whipped cream. The size of the waffle was pretty big! Price wise it’s a bit cheaper than some other waffles joints coming in at $7.80 but pretty close.

Belgium Place

I have a thing for chocolate as you can tell by the 2 scoops of chocolate gelato here and the chocolate on the waffle! This was not a special creation but I just made my own and it was a bit cheaper too since mine had no compote. I had the Chocolate Almond Waffle with 2 scoops of gelato and whipped cream on the side (the whipped cream comes with it anyway). The waffle was soft and slightly chewy but mine had way too much chocolate and nutella on it so that it became very overwhelming and I couldn’t really taste the waffle itself. Also, I had the chocolate gelato too so it was just too much chocolate! Oops… I did like the texture of the waffle though. The gelato just tasted like regular ice cream. I wish they put it on top of the waffle because it just starts melting on the side anyway so maybe it would be better if the waffle soaked up the melted ice cream?

They also serve savoury waffle creations for $10.50. So Belgium Place is not bad for some cheaper waffles if you don’t need anything fancy since they don’t really seem to have that much variety despite their special creations.  We were also really full after!

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