Brunch at Yew Seafood + Bar

I’ve read a lot about Yew and I’m really into brunch right now so that was where we were headed. I also love that it’s conveniently next to Pacific Centre and the Canada Line! You can get there without walking thru the rain too. They have a 3 course brunch option for an additional $10 added to any entree so we did that for one of our entrees so that we could share the appetizer and dessert. I’m glad they don’t make the whole table order the brunch option.

Yew Seafood and Bar

To start, we were served Complimentary Mini Donuts! ย This was served warm with a mango and cherry and… passion fruit sauce? I didn’t really like the flavour from the cherry that much though and the donuts were delicious on their own anyway.

Yew Seafood and Bar

For our appetizer, we chose the Albacore Tuna Tataki served with a spicy ginger vinaigrette, celery hearts, grapes and walnuts. I was surprised to see a dish served with grapes! Which is nice since I love grapes and I don’t usually see them used in dishes. The tuna was super soft and melted in my mouth and the walnuts provided some crunch but the celery hearts didn’t do much.

The other tempting appetizers I wanted to get were the Smoked Cod Chowder or the Yew French Toast.

Yew Seafood and BarThis was the Sockeye Salmon with wild mushrooms, smoked maple glazed pork belly, almond granola and a sunny side up egg. The fish was nicely cooked and not dry! It also had a nice carmelized layer on top which was a bit crunchy. The pork belly had a sweet maple flavour from the glaze and the mushrooms tasted rich and buttery. Everything component of the dish was done nicely.

Yew Seafood and Bar

Our other entree was the Lobster Bennyย served ham and some potatoes. There really wasn’t that much lobster which I expected but there really wasn’t much… The hollandaise sauce was really good though! It was thick and herby? The english muffin was lightly toasted and had some sort of tomato pesto spread on it so it was less plain. The potatoes were seasoned well but I wish they had more of a hash instead but it was still good.

Yew Seafood and Bar

The server asked if I liked my eggs soft, medium or hard and I went with soft and they were indeed very soft and runny! Maybe I should’ve asked for their definition of soft first but I didn’t really mind. I think value wise the salmon seems to be a better deal.

Yew Seafood and Bar

For dessert we had the Butterscotch Pudding with carmelized figs, peanuts and cookie crumble. I personally don’t like figs so I won’t comment on them. The pudding was really smooth and not too sweet. The cookie crumble and peanuts made the pudding less one dimensional although I think I would’ve preferred no peanuts in this too. Okay this wasn’t my dessert choice anyway haha

Overall, the service was attentive and the restaurant just looks very spacious and welcoming. I would not mind coming back for dinner! The 3 course brunch is also a great deal! Appies are already $11 and desserts are $9 so you’re getting them for 50% off!

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