Mr. Red Cafe

I had read some reviews for Mr. Red Cafe and seen lots of great pictures so I convinced my co workers to go with me. We love trying new restaurants! Mr. Red Cafe specializes in Northern Vietnamese cuisine and I wanted to see what that was like but I don’t have much to compare it to.

Mr. Red CafeWe had the Special Sticky Rice with mung bean, pate, pickled carrots, dried squid and shredded chicken. The rice was nice and chewy and had a bit of flavour from the banana leaf? The mix of ingredients was interesting too but I think I would’ve liked it better if it was mixed in like fried rice. The dish was smaller than I imagined though. I like how the food is served on the woven straw mat instead of a plate.

Mr. Red Cafe

Next we also shared the Fried Crab Meat rolls served with vermicelli, lettuce, parsley and bean sprouts. It was a bit difficult to eat this since we mixed the noodles with the other ingredients but it was difficult since the other stuff was uncooked so the mixing did not go well. The crab meat rolls were really good though! I couldn’t tell there was crab meat but the texture was very loose inside. It just seemed very similar to a pork or beef spring roll. The rolls were also hot and crispy on the outside. There is also a jar of their home made garlic and chili sauce which also went well with this. The sauce has a subtle sweet vinegary taste followed by the garlic flavour.

Mr. Red Cafe

Finally, we also had a Traditional Banh Mi which I did not try but heard it was good! There seemed to be a good amount of filling inside.

Next time we must try their pho! Apparently they don’t use MSG. They also only had 1 server for the whole restaurant so we had some trouble getting the bill but otherwise it was fairly efficient.

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