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Sushi Mura opened in my neighbourhood and I’ve been there a few times already so that’s a pretty good sign. It seems like they’re open by the same people as Sushi Garden and the inside looks very similar too. Pricing is also really cheap! They always have long lines so be prepared to wait.

Sushi MuraSeaweed salad. Pretty standard and one of my fave salads so I enjoyed it.

Sushi MuraSalmon sashimi. The presentation could be much better but it tasted decent.

Sushi Mura

Prawn tempura. It came out nice and hot but too much battery. Also lacking in the presentation department but can’t really complain since it’s cheap and they were super busy.

Sushi Mura

The Unagi roll had too much rice but the Salmon Cream Cheese roll was ok. The smoked salmon on top was very thinly sliced though.

Sushi Mura

The Crazy Rabbit Roll! I actually didn’t read the description for this carefully and I didn’t realize that it was going to be wrapped in cucumber instead of rice. It was a nice surprise though and refreshing. My mom was like oh that looks interesting and I was like I don’t think that’s ours… oops. Turns out it was! The inside was filled with unagi, yam tempura, crab meat and cucumber and then sprinkled with tempura flakes. It was difficult to pick up though since it was so wide

Sushi Mura

The Awesome roll. One of my fave rolls, it had crab meat, cucumber, avocado and salmon on top.

Sushi MuraOkay this picture does not do the Volcano roll justice. It is actually really big and you must order it!!! It’s essentially deep fried spicy tuna and crab meat roll cut into10 long slices and then the middle of the plate is filled with your choice of spicy salmon sashimi or spicy tuna sashimi mixed with cucumber and then topped with tempura flakes. There is actually a lot of spicy salmon in the middle!

The prices here are pretty cheap but since they are so busy during peak hours, the quality goes down a bit and things don’t look that great but if you’re ok with that you should give this place a try! We don’t need to eat gourmet sushi everyday right?

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  1. carmenkmchen says:

    I came here twice and it was really good! I wrote a review on it too :) The only thing that really bothered me was how LONG we had to wait for our food.. we waited 45 minutes for the rolls each time.

    PS. Nice background change, very fall appropriate! ;)

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