Cafe Medina: Where have you been all my life?!

On another spontaneous work lunch outing, we decided to go to Cafe Medina! I’ve never been but I’ve certainly heard a lot about them. They have rave reviews! Also, long line ups but hey that’s how you know the food is good right? Thankfully it was a weekday and there was no line up at 1:30pm. Hurray (I hate line ups)! They are located on Richards and Robson Street now.

Cafe Medina

One of the items you must try is their lattes. They have some interesting flavours like lavender, salted caramel and raspberry caramel. We decided to share the Raspberry Caramel Latte. I am not a coffee aficionado (really I go to Starbucks/Blenz  if I do get coffee…) but I could tell this was a superbly well-made latte! It was velvety in texture with hints of raspberry and caramel. I believe it is the smoothest latte I’ve ever had and I was nothing but impressed.

Cafe Medina Brunch

Another popular item on the menu is the Fricassee which comes with two fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, carmelized onions, applewood smoked cheddar and grilled focaccia. Instead of fried eggs we opted for poached eggs and they ask if you would like it soft, medium or hard. We went with medium.

The short ribs were tender and the rich tomato based sauce did not cover up the flavours of the short ribs. The carmelized onions were sweet and the potatoes made this dish hearty and filling. Presentation was also really nice!

Cafe Medina Brunch

We also shared the Eggs of the Day (Ouef)! The special was for a frittata with double smoked bacon, squash, greens, roasted potatoes and onion jam. Grilled focaccia was also served on the side. This was one of the best egg dishes I’ve ever had! I never thought I would like eggs this much. Ok maybe I’ve never ordered a frittata before but it was amazing! The eggs were piping hot and fluffy. Each bite was very flavourful! Also really liked the acidity from the onion jam! I’m not even sure what onion jam is but it was yummy! I didn’t find any squash in the frittata as advertised… but that’s ok!

Cafe Medina Brunch

At this point we were pretty full but we couldn’t help indulging in their famous waffles while we were there! The waffle was crisp and fluffy and somewhat chewy too. This waffle was a WIN. We picked the White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater dip to go with it and it was good! Too bad I was too full or I’d get another waffle so I could use up all the dip! The dip had just a slight floral after taste from the rosewater but I didn’t pick up any of the pistachio though. Mostly it was sweet from the white chocolate. This totally satisfied my waffle cravings.

This might be my new fave brunch place! Everything was really good and I enjoyed the latte and frittata more than I expected. On the other hand, I am not sure I would wait over an hour for this… I’m biased because I hate waiting but there are probably similar entree options elsewhere without the wait (E.g. there is a similar short rib dish at Chewie’s) but it would be a nice place to take someone from out of town or on a date. You should try it at least once! Is it bad that line ups deter me from a lot of things? I would go all the time if it wasn’t busy.

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