Introducing Little BabyCakes!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Little BabyCakes reached out to me and offered to send me some of their products to try before their store opens and of course I gladly accepted. They have not decided on a store location yet but it’s suppose to be somewhere on Broadway or downtown and they expect to open sometime early next year. You can also design your own babycakes for your wedding or whatever event you want as well.

Little BabyCakes

Here’s the package I received (look at my nicely staged photo)! A small pamphlet explaining their product concept, 2 boxes of babycakes and a gift card for future use. ;) The packaging is pretty cute and I like the color scheme. The box is also very lightweight and thin.

Little BabycakesThe box comes with six flavours of babycakes, each tucked into the box in their own holders.

Top row: Salted caramel, red velvet, coconut paradise

Bottom row: Double chocolate, original, Earl Grey

Little Babycakes

So what are babycakes? The concept is to provide “one-bite indulgence” so that you can still have room for dessert when you think you don’t. According to the information booklet, they are described as “toonie sized”. Here is one of those Winnie the Pooh keychains I used to collect for size comparison! They were tinier than I expected but they are called “Little Babycakes” after all.

It is seriously just one bite! Ok maybe two because I take small bites and I was trying to savour it! Everything looked super cute just because they’re so small and I thought “mini cupcakes” were small already. These feel like the mini cupcakes from Cupcakes by Heather and Lori but shorter and flatter?

Little Babycakes

On to the flavours! I was sharing these with my family and since they’re tiny already I just had very small bites… so this is based on a one or two bite sample.

  1. I was expecting a lot from the Earl Grey since that is one of my favourite flavours for anything these days. It was a very subtle flavour and I wish it was stronger. I think the flavour was mostly in the icing.
  2. The Red Velvet had a mild chocolate flavour and a cream cheese icing?
  3. The Coconut Paradise was topped with coconut sprinkles and had a mild coconut flavour.
  4. I wasn’t sure what the Original was suppose to be but I’m assuming it’s vanilla? The flavour wasn’t as prominent as the other cakes.
  5. The Double Chocolate was rich and chocolatey!
  6. The Salted Caramel ended up being my favourite, slightly salty but still sweet enough.

Since the bites are so tiny, I think that’s why I felt the flavours were mild since I only had a small bite. Also, since they’re so small, it wasn’t too sweet either while still being light and moist enough inside. The icing felt quite smooth too.

I’m not sure how much a box would cost but since all the babycakes together are probably still smaller than a normal sized cupcake from Cupcakes by Heather and Lori, I would expect that it would be around $4.00 for a box? They never mentioned the price. You do get a lot of variety though and if you’re like me and you want to try a small bite of everything then this is perfect! They just feel really small though, like I can eat 2 boxes by myself… hahaha it’s not suppose to be a meal though. You will be saving calories if you just have 1 or 2 babycakes but it would be difficult to not eat the whole box.

Thanks for sharing these with me Little Babycakes! I will look forward to your grand opening! It’s always good to have some more dessert options around town.

Note: I was not paid to review this but products were complimentary and all opinions are my own.


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