Purebread Bakery Obsession

I posted about my first visit to Purebread about a month ago and I had already dubbed it my dessert heaven. If you didn’t know already, I am a huge fan of baked goods! So it was no surprise that I would be returning to Purebread soon. See what else I tried below!

As I had previously professed in my Starbucks post that their Cranberry Bliss Bar is my favourite holiday goodie there. When I saw that Purebread had a Cranberry Cream Bar that was basically the same thing, I knew it had to GET IN MY BELLY (ok I just really wanted to say that :D).

Purebread Bakery

Purebread’s version has a thicker crust layer which was soft and moist with a subtle ginger flavour. The cream cheese layer was sweet and accented by the cranberries on top. This was a winner for me and a great dupe for the Cranberry Bliss Bar and probably better because I like that there is more crust! The ginger flavour might not be for everyone though even though I think it’s mild and my friend thought it was a bit too sweet. It is a big bar though so you could always share!

Purebread Bakery

Purebread Bakery

I also tried the Nutella Cream Bun since the Lemon Cream Bun I tried last time was a hit for me. The Nutella version is half dipped in chocolate and oozing with Nutella cream. The smooth cream was not too sweet for me but I think the lemon version still holds my heart since I am a huge lemon fan. Don’t get me wrong, Nutella is good too! I also tried some of the Strawberries and Cream Sugar Bun (not pictured) and it was filled with real strawberries and a vanilla bean cream.

Purebread Bakery

Next we have the Sticky Toffee Cake which is also available in loaf form. They actually have a lot of loafs available like Chocolate Therapy and Carrot Cake and a Raspberry one? Anyway, the sticky toffee cake was sticky on top of course and ended up being stuck to the bag so that’s why it looks funny here. The cake part had hints of caramel and toffee and was moist as well. There is also a Salted Caramel version of this.

Purebread Bakery

I actually went again a few days later with my co-worker after she saw my delicious pictures. This is the Salted Caramel Bar and on my first visit, it was recommended by the server so I decided to try it this time. The salted caramel layer was sandwiched between a solid chocolate top and a shortbread crust. The salt was lost in the bag though since I had this to go. The caramel was surprisingly not that sweet or sticky. Instead it was quite smooth which is good because I was expecting to get some stuck in my teeth. The chocolate layer gave it just the right amount of sweetness but I thought the shortbread crust could’ve been softer and less crunchy.

Finally we have the Lemon Crumble Bar which I had also had my eye on before (I probably had my eye on at least half their goods…). This was pretty much lemon perfection in a bar! The crumble gave it a satisfying oat flavour while the lemon cream layer underneath was bursting with lemon flavour and also the perfect combination of sweet and tart. The thin crust layer was just how I like it, buttery!

Everything here is just so good!!! Pricing is also affordable. I should be glad I don’t live or work nearby because #thisiswhyimfat. Oh no now I’m afraid this place will get too popular and have long line ups… although the long line up would give me ample time to think about what I want to order LOL

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