Tuc Craft Kitchen Brunch

My friend and I ended up at Tuc Craft Kitchen for brunch after trying to watch the Santa Claus parade. We didn’t go early enough so we were stuck at the back and couldn’t really see anything. Then we just decided to go for brunch instead. Tuc Craft Kitchen wasn’t my first choice for brunch but they ended up being the only place without a line up and we didn’t want to wait.

Tuc Craft Kitchen Brunch

This was the Lamb and Eggs which consisted of two sunny side up eggs, braised lamb shoulder, arugula, parsnips, cranberries and potatoes was served on a hot skillet. I just had a bite of this and the lamb was succulent, well braised in small pieces and very tender. The dish was on the small side though but it reflected the price ($13).

Tuc Craft Kitchen Brunch

I had another waffle craving so I went with the Berries & Gaufres (I assume this means waffles?). Two warm American style waffles were presented with plenty of blueberry compote and sweet cream cheese. Syrup was also available on the side but I didn’t need it. The blueberry compote was enough to sweeten the waffles but it did not taste overly syrupy and artificial. I would have preferred the waffles to be more crisp on the outside.

The menu items were not particularly exciting but it gets the job done. Maybe it was just because my waffles weren’t that exciting and chicken and waffles would’ve been better? I prefer brunch at Catch 122 around the corner though.

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  1. miriamscm says:

    Hm, I had a similar experience at Tuc! The staff were very friendly and charismatic but the meals themselves weren’t particularly interesting or memorable. Not worth a repeat :/

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