Dine Out Vancouver: Diva at the Met

It’s Dine Out Vancouver time! This year I chose to go to Diva at the Met. I actually had no idea where the Met was before but it turns out that it’s right next to the Hotel Georgia and across from Four Seasons so it’s in a very convenient location. The restaurant has a separate entrance beside the hotel’s main entrance. The restaurant has 3 small levels separate by a few steps but it makes it feel rather grand when you’re walking to your table. I also got a great view of the open kitchen!

Diva at the Met

To start, we were served some complimentary bread with butter. The server said it was a whole grain bread and there was also an olive bread but I think they were all whole grain since they all looked the same to me. It was soft and served at room temperature.

Diva at the Met

The appetizers arrived right after the bread. We both had the Angus Beef Carpaccio with braised ciopollini, capers, Grana Padano cheese, arugula and truffle vinaigrette. Ciopollini is an onion (you can’t see it in this picture though)! A balsamic vinegar flavoured onion which I enjoyed. The thinly sliced beef carpaccio was smooth and buttery but the capers made it way too salty.

Diva at the Met

This was the Grilled Cornish Game Hen served with red rice, pearl barley, honey glazed carrots, and blood orange reduction. The game hen had a crisp skin but as I expected, the meat was a bit dry and could’ve been seasoned more. The splotch of cream on the side had a bit of curry flavour to me but I’m not sure what it was unless that’s what I think blood orange tastes like.

Diva at the Met

This was the Proscuitto Wrapped Halibut with a tomato sauce on a bed of spinach and relish and ricotta gnocchi on the side. The halibut was also a tad dry but still flaky. I thought the proscuitto would make this dish more flavourful but I don’t think it really did anything except provide some salty flavour to the lackluster fish. The gnocchi was really the star of this show to me. These dumplings was fried so the outside was wonderfully crisp while the inside was chewy and soft. Do I need to state again how much I love chewy things? I wish I had a whole plate of gnocchi.

Diva at the Met

Finally for dessert we had the Tiramisu with Star Anise Anglaise. The tiramisu was my favourite part of the night (because who doesn’t love dessert?). The tubular piece of dessert sat on a thin piece of chocolate and was garnished with a thin crunchy piece at the end (no idea what it is). The cake itself had a very light and fluffy mascarpone cream on one end and the middle part had the espresso soaked sponge cake part. Actually wait… there really wasn’t much espresso flavour to me. The dark chocolate sauce was delicious and I scraped it all up but the star anise anglaise tasted a bit strange to me and I didn’t think the strong flavour went well with the tiramisu. Or it’s just too fancy for me to appreciate.

The food came out really fast!!! We finished eating in an hour! The server checked in on us after every dish which was nice and our water glass never went empty.

The food itself wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped though. Maybe because they were really busy during dine out since they expect high turnover rates so I feel like I can’t really judge them based on this experience.

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  1. J Seaton says:

    Found your blog while searching for posts about halibut, and was excited when I saw your review was of Diva at the Met, as I also went there during Dine Out. I completely agree that a full plate of gnocchi would have been completely satisfying.

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