French Made Baking-Hot Chocolate Festival

For my next hot chocolate festival destination, I went to French Made Baking. They seem to have expanded their seating since my last visit and they also have crepes and a few lunch options. For the hot chocolates festival, they have five different flavours and four are available on specific days and the “Lord of Hot Chocolate” flavour (Earl Grey infused milk chocolate) Β is available everyday.

I picked the Smokin’ Hot Chocolate which was available the day I went. This flavour had smoked carmelia milk chocolate with sea salt and contains coconut milk. The portion was an 8oz cup so it’s small and also the server put the lid on it already so I didn’t bother opening it to take a picture. The cup itself was also just a plain white cup with no logo or anything… I guess they don’t really serve drinks as much as desserts.

The hot chocolate itself had subtle salty flavour that was thoroughly mixed with the milk chocolate. What I mean is that it wasn’t like “BAM wow that was salty!” and then it goes away. It was sort of salty throughout but not overly so? I think I liked the hot chocolate from Terra Bread’s more since I enjoyed the prominent spiced orange flavour over the sea salt flavour. Also, the cup was a lot bigger and it came with a cookie too for about the same price. The Smokin’ Hot Chocolate was not as sweet though due to the sea saltΒ but it could’ve been more chocolatey. It seems like it was suppose to be served with a Caramel Mou (soft salted caramel bonbon) but I think that costs extra.

Still on the hunt for my fave hot chocolate! Any recommendations?

Hot Chocolate Festival 2015 final

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  1. pennyandrusty says:

    I love hot chocolate! But it kind of depends on your own personal tastes.
    For me… Catch 122’s Belgian Hot Chocolate is really good. Also up there is Yew Seafood and Bar (plenty of whipped cream and chocolate shaving) and Savary Island Pie Company.

    If you’re in Vegas, you have to have the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. And if you’re near Portland, Babica Hen Cafe in Lake Oswego serves theirs with whipped cream and homemade marshmallows.

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