Mango Yummy-New Shaved Ice Destination

After eating dinner at Shanghai House, my friends and I still had room for dessert so we walked to the relatively new Mango Yummy across from Richmond Centre. Once we opened the doors, we were hit with the smell of durian and although I’ve actually never tried durian, I don’t find the smell atrocious but just an FYI they do serve durian pancake/crepes here!

The store is tiny as usual and since we had a group of seven, we ended up waiting for 35 mins for a table. At the same time, we couldn’t come up with a better dessert plan so we ended up waiting. We finally managed to get a table meant for three and squished seven people around it.

They have an impressive array of drinks, smoothies, tofu desserts, shaved ice, sweet soup, toast and some waffles, cakes and crepes. I remember visiting their stall at the night market for at least two years.

Mango Yummy

This was the Mango and Mochi with Vanilla Ice Cream Shaved Ice. This was served on a plastic dish and there was an impressive amount of toppings. The mango was pretty sweet and the mochi had a very satisfying chew to it. The shaved ice is not flavoured though like at Frappe Bliss. It’s just ice but shaved very finely and I really liked the texture here.

Mango Yummy

We also ordered the Red Bean and Mochi with Matcha Ice Cream Shaved Ice. The red bean and matcha flavours went really well together! They also gave us a lot of red bean too. At first they said they ran out of red bean for the night so we were going to substitute it with coconut jelly but then they said they got some more? A nice drizzle of condensed milk topped off this dessert. At first we thought that the purple colored mochi might be taro flavoured but it just tasted like the regular white mochi.

Mango Yummy

We also shared the Mango and Sago Sweet Soup which was served cold. I found that in the sweet soup there were some mango chunks that were a bit sour but overall it was not too sour. The sweet soup had a good amount of sago in it and the soup part tasted like coconut milk and not too sweet. The texture is not thick like the kind you get at a Chinese restaurant after dinner so it was a bit difficult to drink with a spoon. If you’re eating this by yourself it might be easier to just slurp it up from the bowl!

The three desserts pictured in this post each cost $7.

The wait was quite long for our large group but it would be a lot easier to get a table for two. Otherwise we all enjoyed our desserts here and I do like it better than Frappe Bliss or Leisure Tea and Coffee’s shaved ice! They are also open till 11pm or 12am.

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