Shanghai House Restaurant

For my friend’s going away dinner, we went to Shanghai House which is in the plaza across from Richmond Centre. It doesn’t seem too popular though since it was kinda empty on a Saturday night. For the first time, I was too busy eating to take pictures of all the food because I was hungry but I can talk about half the things we ate!

Shanghai House RestaurantWhat’s a visit to a Shanghainese restaurant without some XLBs (xiao long baos)? Here they serve six in a steamer and they were big! Much bigger than the ones at Dinesty I had recently. These ones were actually full of juice! And I like ’em big. ;)

Shanghai House RestaurantI still do not know the exact English name for this dish but it’s Beef Stir Fried with a Sweet Honey Sauce and served with buns on the side. Yes that’s the best I can do for the description. The beef was very tender and thoroughly coated in the honey like sauce. I know sweet beef dishes are probably rare but it’s really good and goes well with rice!

Shanghai House Restaurant

Next we also had some Sweet and Sour Pork. The pork was also very soft and tender and there was also lots of sauce here too and surprisingly not many bones. You might not want to order the honey beef above and the sweet and sour pork at the same time since both are sweet and saucy.

Shanghai House Restaurant

We also ordered Peking Duck two ways. Here we have the first way with the crepe and the crispy duck skin and shrimp chips underneath. For some reason, this was not my favourite version of Peking Duck. I think I actually prefer the skin with a bit of meat still attached. Just having the plain skin was not that appetizing. Also I’ve been to Beijing and they did have some meat attached to the skin too! Scallion, cucumber and hoisin sauce was provided on the side.

For the lettuce wraps, the lettuce was really wet… I know they washed it but it was a little too wet. The duck meat used for the filling was cooked well and tasty.

The other dishes I had were the Spicy Green Beans with shredded pork (addictively spicy and crunchy!) and Panfried Rice Cakes (sufficiently chewy but could’ve been seasoned more)Sorry no pictures this time =( You can read about my last visit though!

The food was not bad and the dishes are a bit smaller but cheaper too. They were around $12-15 except for the duck. We ordered some pretty ordinary dishes so nothing blew me away but the XLBs were on point!

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