Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Tokyo Joe’s! I used to go a lot and then I discovered other places. They used to have miso soup that you can help yourself to but our server just brought it over for us so not sure if it’s still all you can drink? Not that I would have more than one bowl anyway.

Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory

We ordered the Salmon and Avocado Cone, Salmon and Avocado roll, Chopped Scallop roll, TJ Garden roll and the Crazy roll. The rolls all looked good but the rice was really mushy and flavourless. It just tasted really gross!!! I couldn’t taste anything but the weird rice so I had to drown it in soy sauce.

The TJ Garden roll had yam tempura inside with avocado and seaweed salad on top. We ordered this for the seaweed salad but the roll wasn’t really that special. The Crazy roll had spicy tuna and prawn tempura and this roll came with more sauce so the sushi rice didn’t taste as bad plus I like spicy stuff.

I was disappointed it wasn’t as good as before. =( Read about my previous visits hereΒ and here.

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  1. Son says:

    It is always disappointing going to a sushi restaurant that had been consistently great before. Could it be that may have changed sushi chef?

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