Local Public Eatery

Local Public Eatery or Local’s for short, is located right across from Kits beach and also across from Hapa Beach. It’s a sports bar type of place but I ended up here for brunch.

Local Public Eater

I really wanted a burger or sandwich with fries since they looked delicious but I wasn’t even hungry so I got a Chicken Quesadilla. The picture looks very big but it was actually a really small dish and part of their small  plates section. It was also only $6.50 so it was a decent sized snack. It came with Valentina hot sauce, pico de gallo (aka salsa) and feta cheese. The flour tortilla they used was unlike other ones I’ve had before because it was crisp and soft but almost like a flatbread? I liked it though and there was a good amount of chicken filling and the hot sauce was hot.

Local Public EateryThis was the Steak and Eggs served with country potatoes.  The steak was tender and cooked to medium even though we requested medium rare. The potatoes were crisp and well seasoned. Nothing too remarkable here.

If I was hanging out at the beach I wouldn’t mind coming over here for food. We probably didn’t order the right items to evaluate them.

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