Soft Peaks: Organic Soft Serve

Guess who finally made it to Soft Peaks? ME!!! I swear everybody has blogged about it already so here are my thoughts.

Soft Peaks is located in Gastown and also conveniently near the new Bao Down that I have yet to check out! Soft Peaks makes their soft serve with Avalon organic milk which is why their price is higher. Organic anything is expensive!

Soft PeaksHere’s as blurry menu photo… you can get a small or a regular size. I found the small to be a sufficient sized portion. Basically you are getting soft serve with some toppings and syrup. It sort of sounds like a parfait but not. This is really popular in Asia though. Soft Peaks is also going to offer milkshakes in the summer.

Soft Peaks

Look at the jealous dog in the back!

I decided to get the Mudslide since I love chocolate. The soft serve tasted incredibly thick and smooth but not really sweet. It’s probably best described as a milk flavour. The chocolate sauce is swirled throughout the cup and a very small scoop of Tim Tam crumbs are on the side.

It was delicious since I love ice cream in any shape or form butΒ it’s pretty pricey… I know it’s made with organic milk and high quality ingredients but I think I would prefer spending the same amount of money on ice cream that already has flavour aka at Earnest or Rain or Shine. Or for this price I wish there were more toppings.Β Also… I eat McDonald’s soft serve a lot so I probably have low standards for the price and quality.

Soft Peaks won’t really be something I necessarily crave but I wouldn’t mind eating it again.

Soft Peaks Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

What did you think?