The BBT Shop

I was really excited when I saw photos of the fancy bubble waffles from the BBT Shop. The BBT Shop is located in the parking lot under Superstore and the location is pretty convenient and there’s always parking! I also grabbed a great window seat for photos. Ok well… the photos still aren’t that great just so you know!

The BBT Shop

We decided on the Supreme Matcha Red Bean Frappe which was pretty much the most expensive drink on the menu at $6.99.There’s red bean at the bottom and green tea ice cream on top along with more red bean and whipped cream. There was a lot going on here and it’s undoubtedly impressive to look at!

The drink was extremely tasty because you can’t go wrong with the green tea and red bean combo! Good thing we shared because this would be like an entire meal for me! You should really mix the red bean at the bottom more though because at the end you won’t be able to suck up the left over red bean with the straw! Yes I speak from experience here.

I can only compare this to Bubble Queen’s drinks and it seems equally good and ok, we did pick the most expensive drink there but quality wise I thought it was good. Not sure if I want to spend that much on a drink again though! They do have cheaper standard bubble tea options.

The BBT Shop

This was the Triple Decker and it was what we were here for! The bubble waffle was nicely presented on a wooden board and topped with whipped cream, strawberries and bananas. A dusting of powdered sugar completed the look. A small dish of Nutella was served on the side. There was plenty of fresh fruit but as I expected, the bubble waffle wasn’t that great. In fact I thought it was pretty bad… it’s suppose to be chewy and soft but this one was just really crunchy on the outside and hollow on the inside. Unfortunately I was disappointed. =(

bubble waffle

Credit: UBC Food Society

For your reference, the inside should look more like the photo above.

So in hindsight, presentation is important but photogenic food is not always better and there are better bubble waffle places like Bubble Queen (matcha mochi bubble waffle anyone?), Bubble Waffle Cafe and this one stall in the Parker Place food court that was pretty good (it may be called Rainbow?). If I’m shopping at Superstore I wouldn’t mind grabbing a drink here.

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