Trafiq Bakery and Cafe-Cake for Days

Trafiq Bakery is located on Main and 26th next to The Main. They serve a small selection of lunch items such as sandwiches and quesadillas as well as baked goods and especially cake!

Trafiq Bakery and CafeWe sat in front of the window and there was too much glare to take a picture so that’s why there’s newspaper in the back! This was the Homage to Earl Grey with vanilla cake, bergamot mousse and chocolate ganache. I love anything with Earl Grey so this was a must order item. The vanilla cake was moist and light with a fragrant flavour from the bergamot mousse. The chocolate ganache layer on top of the cake was very silky and smooth. I think I might get this for my birthday! Or some other cake here!

Trafiq Bakery and CafeWe also shared a slice of the Chunky Monkey. This had a very prominent banana flavour and the cake was also as dense as it looks but still retained moisture. Probably because there was so much banana in it? The chocolate swirled throughout the cake went well with the banana. Actually I’m not even sure if you can call this cake… it was just very heavy on bananas like an intense piece of banana bread. You’d be pretty full if you just ate this! It was not bad but I’ll stick to the cakes here!

Trafiq Bakery and Cafe

On a separate visit, I got the Carrot Cake to go. There was quite a bit of sweet cream cheese frosting to cake but it was still yummy and I didn’t mind. The carrot cake was also packed with ingredients!

You must try the cake here!

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