Argo Cafe

Argo Cafe was featured in the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here. The outside looks pretty run down and the inside is similar but it’s a busy local diner. Their daily specials change everyday and you can find them on their website.

Argo Cafe There weren’t any booth seats left so we sat at this counter here. The diner is small so there were a lot of things stashed at the counter.

Argo Cafe

I wasn’t too hungry this time so I just had dessert! This was the Apple Strudel with Ice Cream. I wasn’t expecting much from this but the apple strudel was actually incredibly flaky and not too sweet with the right amount of apples. The vanilla ice cream was of course generic but ice cream is always good.

Argo CafeMy friend had the Seafood Pasta with Rose Sauce and you get a side of soup with it. On the day we went, they had either Chicken and Broccoli or Seafood Chowder so she went with the seafood chowder. It’s not the seafood chowder I’m used to seeing and I thought it would look creamier. Flavour wise it was not bad with some very small salmon and clam chunks in it.

Argo Cafe

The pasta came with two pieces of garlic bread and had quite a few pieces of shrimp and salmon as well as some squid and veggies. The pasta was cooked to my liking and the rose sauce was pretty good too! The garlic bread was buttery and nicely toasted.

The food I tried was good but since I only tried one entree I can’t really say. It wasn’t super special but it was a tasty lunch option in the neighbourhood and they seem to do a lot of take out orders too. They nailed the old fashioned diner atmosphere though.

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