Big Rock Urban Eatery-Not Impressed

Big Rock Urban Eatery is the newest brewery to join the Olympic Village area. They started out in Alberta and now they have a BC location.

We were here for the food though since I am still acquiring the taste for beer. The building doesn’t look like much from the outside but the inside looked industrial hip. It was really loud inside even though there weren’t that many people or loud music playing but it was hard to hear people from across the table or even beside you. Maybe it was just the way the building was constructed.

Big Rock Urban Eatery

This was the Porchetta with salsa verde, fennel slaw and stout baked beans. I didn’t try this but it looked way too fatty and unappetizing even for porchetta.

Big Rock Urban Eatery

This was the Smoked Duck Sandwich with smoked duck breast, bacon, onions, sauteed peppers, orange, Dijon and house made Forno bread. It comes with either shoestring fries, mixed greens or butternut bisque and she chose the butternut bisque. Didn’t try this either but my friend thought it was meh.

Big Rock Urban Eatery

My other friend and I decided to share the Asian Poutine with shoestring fries, demi glace, IPA kimchi, smoked mozza and aged cheddar. Ok you might be thinking Asian poutine is probably not going to be good but we just wanted poutine and fries! The fries were terrible!!! They just weren’t crispy on the outside (and yes I know it’s covered in sauce) and the inside was really gross too. It was still kind hard like they didn’t cook it properly. The flavour also wasn’t that great and it was served kinda lukewarm. In hindsight, we should’ve sent it back…

Big Rock Urban Eatery

Guess what this is? No those are not sausages. This is actually the Fish and Chips. The fish was rockfish with chermoula, BRU beer batter, fennel slaw, and house made tartar sauce. The fries which were not covered in gravy tasted equally bad… the fish seemed already but looked burnt. The fennel slaw tasted like it need more dressing or a different kind of dressing. My friend didn’t like their house made tartar sauce and the consistency seemed too thin.

Big Rock Urban EateryMy friend and I also shared the Smoked Duck Pizza with smoked duck, braised fennel, Fior di latte and mandarin oranges. Our server forgot our order since she had it confused with the Smoked Duck sandwich but she brought it out right away after. The pizza was really really thin and soggy in the middle and the smoked duck wasn’t what I was expecting? I just thought it’d be a different texture or cut? The mandarin oranges did not go with the duck at all. If I have to be super nit-picky then I have to say the slices were cut really unevenly.

Also instead of plates, they gave us these ceramic square tiles above instead. It just didn’t seem that practical since they were so flat but they looked cool.

Our server was really Β nice and tried to get our opinion on the food. I feel bad for being so critical since they’re new but none of us liked the food =( hopefully their beer is a lot better?

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