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Last week I was invited to the Chatime media event by ChineseBites. They opened up three new locations this year on Robson, Broadway and Blundell Road. I visited the Broadway location for the event and it’s located a few steps away from the 99 bus stop at Granville and Broadway.

Chatime is the #1 bubble tea brand in the world with over 1200 locations worldwide! Their tea is brewed fresh in the store and they only use high quality natural ingredients and they don’t use pre-made tea or tea powders either. In fact, they source the tea leaves directly from Taiwan and they even have their own tea farm.


Some snacks for the event!


Chatime has two sizes for drinks: regular or large. The regular looks like it’s about a 16oz and the large is what your standard bubble tea size is at other bubble tea places (20oz/22oz?). I believe the cup on the far left is for hot drinks.

I particularly like how you can choose how much sugar and ice you want! We definitely don’t have these options at other bubble tea places in Vancouver. I mean you can ask for half sweet but that’s about it.


The first drink I tried was the Taro Pudding Milk Tea with regular ice and sugar. I don’t like taro that much but right away I could tell that it was fresh taro and not the powdered kind. Also because it was a bit gritty and you can taste the taro texture (not sure if everyone would like that though). I don’t ever order pudding so I can’t comment much on it but no complaints.

ChatimeThis was the Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea with 70% ice and 80% sugar. I was thinking about going with 50% sugar but I don’t think I can part with my sugar just yet. I will slowly wean myself from sugar! I loved the strong matcha milk tea flavour and the red bean was sweet too. The red bean fit through the straw even though I didn’t get a thicker straw.

ChatimeThe other two drinks I tried were the Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea with regular ice and sugar and the Brown Rice Green Milk Tea with 70% ice and 80% sugar. The roasted milk tea has a different flavour than other milk teas that I’ve tasted. I can’t really describe bit but let’s just say it’s the roasted flavour that makes the difference? It just tastes like a stronger tea flavour. For the brown rice green milk tea, I can’t say that I can taste the brown rice but it was still a good drink.

ChatimeHere are there top 10 drinks that we were sampling from.

Although the pricing here is slightly higher than other bubble tea joints, I would still visit because I really like their roasted milk tea and the matcha red bean is really good too. This is going to be on my rotation of bubble tea places now! Vancouver/Richmond has a plethora of bubble tea options but Chatime is a good addition.

Thanks again for inviting me ChineseBites!

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