Red Chicken Korean Restaurant

Red Chicken is located under Ebisu on Bute and Robson Street. It’s sort of tucked away but not really. For your reference, Breka Bakery is also right across the street.

Red Chicken Korean Restaurant

My friend wanted to order some sort of noodle soup but it was actually an item that wasn’t on the menu anymore. Actually a lot of items were blacked out so it seems like it’s time they printed some new menus! Anyway, I successfully convinced her to order some Japchae! Hard to go wrong with this and this version was no different. Lots of veggies mixed in with the bouncy noodles and they had a sweet soy flavour.

Red Chicken Korean Restaurant

Next we have this Jjambong which has Korean thick handmade noodles in a spicy soup with seafood and vegetables. This was highly recommended by my friend and she said she eats this everytime! It’s gotta be good right? The noodles were actually a nice green color and probably made with spinach so that was a pleasant surprise. The noodles were on the soft side but I didn’t mind. The seafood included some a mussel, a shrimp and some overly chewy squid. With the bright red hue of the soup, you would expect that it is quite spicy but it seemed well balanced to me with a hint of saltiness and I ended up liking this more than I thought I would.

Red Chicken Korean Restaurant

Finally of course we had to have the namesake Red Chicken! Ok no actually this was just the YangNyeom Chicken.ย On their menu it says that you can choose from sweet, sweet & spicy, soy and fried. We tried to choose sweet & spicy but the server informed us that it was really just spicy so we went with that. In addition, you can choose to have it as a whole chicken, chicken wings or boneless chicken. We picked boneless.

There were a good number of pieces and the sauce was pretty addicting. You can feel a bit of heat after too. Each piece was juicy and moist inside! I think I am just a hardcore fried chicken fan. I can eat this all day everyday!

The Red Chicken, which is their signature dish, seems to be just grilled boneless chicken and you can choose from extremely hot or soy flavoured. Maybe I’ll try that next time!

The location is great and the food was great so I would definitely drop by after shopping on Robson. Also, they have a much more extensive menu for lunch than Damso which is one block down. It looks like they have the same menu all day actually.

The only thing is that I thought the food came tooย slow even though there were hardly any customers since we were eating atย the end of the lunch rush.

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