I saw before that Styo had a SocialShopper deal going on but I didn’t get it because usually whenever I buy these deals I don’t end up using them but I think I could’ve in this case! Styo serves froyo parfaits and other froyo desserts as well as waffles and smoothies.

I like how they have a blue theme going on since I’m super biased and blue is my favourite color. Seating is pretty minimal though.

Styo Pricing wise it’s about $7 for a small and $8 for a large.

StyoI debated between getting the Chocolate Devil or the Green Tea Harmony but decided on the Green Tea Harmony. The parfait is layered with cornflakes and topped with some sweet red bean, brownie bits and a cream puff (like the generic grocery store kind). The green tea froyo was smooth and creamy with a light green tea flavour. I found that there was a good ratio of toppings to froyo. I would’ve preferred the brownie bits to be in the middle of the parfait or the top though and not at the very bottom.

I’m not sure if I would prefer this or Soft Peaks but Styo seems to have more  toppings but it will cost more whereas at Soft Peaks it’s not quite a parfait?


My friend ordered the Ham and Cheese Waffle and this is what it looks like before they put it in the waffle iron. The ham and cheese are baked into the middle of the waffle.


Ok this is not a great image since you can’t see the ham or cheese… but it’s in there! I actually thought the waffle was more interesting than the parfait. The waffle was really buttery and flaky like a croissant or danish! I would want to try the chocolate one next time.

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