Tacomio, located in Gastown, is the newest taco joint to open and it’s also just a block away from Tacofino. Talk about competition!


They serve 10 different types of tacos but not all are available everyday. The ones that are available are marked with a yellow sticker. We decided to get 6 tacos to share for $15.


Once we received our tacos, we were trying to figure out which was which. Starting on the top left: Picadillo de Carne, Hopalitos con Chorizo, Picadillo de Carne, Fish Taco, Carnitas x2

The Picadillo de Carne was ground stewed beef with roasted vegetables and peatips. The beef had a beefy flavour and there was a distinct roasted veggie taste but I just thought it was weird in a taco.

The Carnitas was confit pork shoulder with pickled jalapenos, red onions and micro coriander. We really wanted to like this one but the meat tasted a little dry and under seasoned.

The Fish Taco (on a separate special menu board) was my favourite of the bunch. It was juicy and moist.

Didn’t try the chorizo one.

TacomioWe saw someone ahead of us order the Chicharron and we had to get it too (we’re pigs)! The deep fried pork rinds are hidden under all the corn chips! The chips were well salted and the shaped made them easy to dip in the guacamole. I think this is the first time I’ve tried chicharrones and they were super crunchy and made a loud noise when I bit in. It has a slight salty flavour and the texture was airy and crisp. I don’t think I like it that much though… maybe I’ll have to try them again.

I prefer La Taqueria over Tacomio since the meats at La Taqueria are really juicy and more flavourful. Will try the taco bar at Tacofino soon to compare!

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