The Fish Shack-Brunch

EDIT: Ok never mind I went again the fries are still HORRIBLE and everything else is really average so it’s not exactly a brunch place.

I was looking for a brunch place to go to before watching the Avengers and the Fish Shack was relatively close so we decided to try it. The Fish Shack is owned by the Glowbal Group and it used to be some Mediterranean place that I also tried but it closed down.

It was interesting how they used pallets to decorate one side of their wall and they had a fishing theme going on which was pretty cool. There are also some TV’s for watching sports games.

The Fish Shack

We actually arrived right at 11am and we were their first customers of the day! Every table received some complimentary waffles with caramel drizzled over it. The waffles were alright, could’ve been a bit more crisp on the outside.

The Fish Shack

My friend and I decided to share the Cornbread Hash with house made cornbread, tomatos, tiger prawns, chorizo sausage, green onions and poached eggs. Instead of a skillet, this was served in a large ceramic saucepan. I guess it had a rustic feel to it.

The cornbread was used at the bottom of the hash in place of the potatoes and for some reason we both thought that the cornbread would be on top or on the side or something. Since it was on the bottom, it got soggy. The dry parts were pretty fluffy though.

Also there were no tiger prawns in sight. What we did get were some baby shrimp. The chorizo was alright but overall this dish was a miss for us.

The Fish ShackWe also shared the Smoked Salmon Benny served with asparagus and dill cream cheese, fries and an apple salad. The eggs were perfectly poached and the hollandaise sauce was rich and buttery. The smoked salmon and cream cheese gave the dish a creamy and salty flavour.Β I also really liked the dressing they used for the salad!

The Fish Shack

Here’s a close up! I really need to learn to poach eggs! I watched a YouTube video and it looks easy but probably isn’t.

Sadly the fries were not up to par. They tasted a bit burnt and overly crunchy like maybe they were overcooked? I’m always disappointed with bad fries. It just seems like a basic thing to get right every time.

We should’ve went with two benny’s and skipped the cornbread hash. Their brunch is on the cheaper side for around $12 so it would be good if you’re on a budget and didn’t want to line up either!

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