Top Shanghai Cuisine

Top Shanghai is one of my favourite Shanghainese restaurants! My family went on a Monday and it wasn’t busy at all. They are usually packed on weekends. Their table spacing is quite cramped so it makes moving around difficult.

Top Shanghai CuisineThis was a Suzhou Style Spiced Smoked Fish. The flavour is a little bit sweet and the meat is still flaky but more tough and cooked through? It also has a lot of bones.

Top Shanghai Cusine

This was another cold appetizer that we had. Chilled Pork Belly, Zhenjiang Style. It’s another commonly ordered appetizer. The pork is pressed together somehow and the end has a bit of fat in the form of jelly and it doesn’t really taste that fatty.

Top Shanghai Cuisine

Of course we had to get some Xiao Long Bao (XLB)! I think theirs are pretty good here! Definitely juicy with a thin skin and the size is good too. I still need to visit Long’s Noodle House for their XLB!

Top Shanghai Cuisine

These are Fried Pork Buns and they were extremely juicy as well. Juice squirted everywhere once I bit into it! There was plenty of filling and I love the fried texture of the bottom.

Top Shanghai Cuisine

Duck is one of my favourite meats and we saw a picture of this duck on the wall. They actually have very large pictures of different menu items all over their walls! If you’re not sure what you want, you can always point at something on the wall that looks good!

This Crispy Fried Duck was a lot better than the version I tried at Dinesty. It actually had a lot of meat on it! It was crispy as advertised and oh so juicy and not too salty. I could’ve eaten the whole thing! The plate was also conveniently placed in front of me. The buns were just the usual and I know it looks like you could make a duck bun but the duck has bones so it’s not really suitable. The buns were more like fillers. Highly recommend this if you like duck!

Top Shanghai Cuisine

Next we needed more carbs! We had the Seafood Stir Fried Rice Cakes. Although it was a bit oily as expected, the rice cakes were chewy and firm. There was a decent amount of shrimp and squid in there as well as some veggies.

Their menu is extremely extensive (10+ pages) and we had a very hard time deciding what to order. The menu on Zomato seems up to date though so you can go check it out!

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