Chewy Junior’s-Chewy Cream Puffs

Chewy Junior’s  is a cream puff chain store from Singapore. They have made their home now across from Waterfront station on the corner of Cordova and Richards street.

Their cream puffs either have a vanilla filling or a chocolate filling. The only difference is in the toppings on top of the cream puff. In the case of the Matcha, it had a matcha filling.

Chewy Juniors

The pastry part was indeed very chewy but in a good way! Compared to Beard Papa’s the pastry is thicker and not flaky. The cream puff is also cold  but not too cold.

Chewy Junior

There was a LOT of filling inside! It makes it quite difficult to eat without having the filling go everywhere. They definitely do not skimp on this. I wish I had a spoon to just scoop it out first!

The matcha flavour was just detectable but not that strong but I think it was fine for a cream puff.

Chewy Junior

On a separate visit, I tried  the Chocolate Zebra with a chocolate cream filling inside.

Chewy Junior

Like the matcha one, there was a lot of filling and the pastry part was chewy as advertised. Both flavours were equally enjoyable to me.

Chewy Junior’s is a good alternative to the cream puff options we already have (Beta5 and Beard Papa’s). I wish the flavours were a bit more exciting though. They should introduce a new filling flavour sometime. I did enjoy the chewy texture though since I love chewy things (mochi!). Price wise, it’s reasonable. More expensive than Beard Papa’s and less expensive than Beta5. In terms of quality they’re in the middle too.

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