HK BBQ Master

After seeing pictures of juicy succulent meat from Sean (Sean’s Adventures in Flavortown), I decided I really had to pay HK BBQ Master a visit! Located in the Superstore parking lot in Richmond (the opposite end of The BBT Shop), HK BBQ Master just never really stood out to me.

You can choose to have a combination of 1, 2 or 3 items on rice. They have the usual BBQ meats such as duck, BBQ pork, roast pork, and soya chicken.

HK BBQ Master

I had the BBQ Pork on Rice ($7.50). It comes with a large portion of rice and one random piece of broccoli on the side. I found that the BBQ pork was very mildly flavoured as in it wasn’t salty but also not sweet either. The BBQ pork I usually get comes with a lot of sweet honey-like sauce so I wished there was some of that here. The rice is drizzled with some soy sauce to give it some flavour. The meat itself was moist and tender but not too fatty.

HK BBQ Master

This was the BBQ Pork with Roast Pork combo for $9.50. The roast pork was also not very salty which was strange. The meat was not dry or too fatty and the texture was good.

Maybe I am just used to having heavier flavours in my BBQ meat? If you find that your usual BBQ meat place is too salty you should probably come here then.

My family’s go-to BBQ meat shop is the one in Parker Place and they have insanely long line ups. HK BBQ Master wasn’t bad but I’ll stick to my go-to. Where’s your favourite BBQ meat shop?

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  1. Bow Liu says:

    I go to the Sing Yee for the best Roast Duck. I find that Hon’s(Robson) has really good Soy chicken and fatty Beef brisket. For Char Siu .Roast pork..ParkerPlace.

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