Spaghetei-Japanese Style Spaghetti

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to try Spaghetei and they specialize in Japanese Style spaghetti (keep reading for a special coupon!!!). This is actually their second location and the first location outside of Japan.

They have a Happy Hour special which is between 11:45am-3pm aka lunch time! All pastas are $9.80 instead of the usual $12-13 so lunch time is a good time to try them out if you’re in the area or working nearby.


They’re located on the same block as Dinesty and Nero’s Belgian Waffle Bar.

SpagheteiAll their pastas come with a side of Garlic Bread. The garlic bread is green so they may have used some pesto to the garlic butter but it didn’t really have too much garlic flavour. In fact, I may have detected a slight sweetness to it?

SpagheteiThis was the Mentaiko Tofu. It came with four pieces of smooth cold tofu topped with a creamy mentaiko sauce. The sauce is salty so it’s best if you eat it all in one bite! It was an interesting combo but I wouldn’t get it again.


The Mentaiko and Barayaki are their signature items so I had to try them. You can choose to have a small portion (180g), regular portion (280g) or large portion (380g). Both of these are the regular size.


I love the bowl that it comes in! The Mentaiko comes with some mushrooms, shrimp, mentaiko and seaweed. The pasta wasn’t too fishy but I thought it could’ve had more sauce so that it was creamier. Each noodle strand had was coated in mentaiko though so you will get the seafood flavour! I also found that the shrimp was not marinated and didn’t have any particular flavours which seemed strange. Perhaps they could have the shrimp mixed into the pasta?

SpagheteiThe Barayaki is their award winning dish and it comes with a glorious pile of pan-fried beef and onions as well as some spinach leaves for decoration mostly. The barayaki sauce is like a sweet teriyaki sauce which I really enjoyed. This dish had a bit more sauce than the Mentaiko and the tender slices of beef were delicious in every bite! I definitely preferred this one.


For dessert, Spaghetei offers “Powder Snow” which is their version of shaved ice but instead of ice they use frozen milk! I chose the Green Tea flavour and it was served with condensed milk drizzled on top. The snow was very fluffy with a mild milk flavour.


Their other dessert is a house made Creme Brule topped with a raspberry and some form of blueberries. The custard had a nice even carmelized top and the texture was creamy and thick. I’ve been spoilt with the creme brule from Crackle Creme so this was not too special to me.

Based on what I’ve tried, I think I would enjoy their creamier/saucier pasta dishes more. The double meat sauce and the clam soup spaghetti look pretty good and based on other reviews, the double meat sauce is a popular choice. Check out their menu here.

Spaghetei has generously offered a coupon to my readers for 10% off dinner! Just print out the coupon or show it on you phone to redeem it. Let me know what you think if you go!

PS. They are closed every third Tuesday of the month.

Spaghetei Coupon

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