The Coffee Bun

After hiking at Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, we stopped by the Coffee Bun cafe at Lonsdale Quay on our way back to Vancouver. It’s near the bus loop and next to Starbucks. The cafe is small but feels homely.

The Coffee BunThe coffee buns are baked fresh everyday with fresh dough.

The Coffee BunLots of flavours to choose from!

The Coffee Bun

I picked the Earl Grey coffee bun and the Green Tea coffee bun. Two of my favourite flavours for anything!Β A coffee bun is a dessert bun (that I assume goes with coffee) and it has a crumbly texture on the outside and it’s soft and airy with filling on the inside.

The Coffee Bun

The green tea bun had a mixture of what tasted like white chocolate and matcha powder filling inside the bun. It didn’t really have a green tea flavour though. The filling is a solid filling and not liquid like because I assume it would probably be absorbed by the bun. I noticed there were also some occasional salty notes which was weird. It didn’t really look like there was much filling but if it was warmed up, I would like it better since the filling would be melted. Actually,Β I first tried their coffee buns when my brother brought some home and I microwaved them a bit so maybe that’s why I had slightly different expectations.

The Coffee BunThe inside of the Earl Grey bun had a vanilla bean filling with Earl Grey tea leaves. I enjoyed this one more than the green tea one. Both flavours are not too sweet.

For $3.50-4 this makes a nice light snack and I love that they have many flavours to choose from. I will try their other flavours if I’m in the area again.

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