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While we were brainstorming ideas for our Friday lunch, my co-worker recommended Yakinikuya for their lunch sets. They’re a Japanese BBQ place with some Korean influence. It was the only real rainy day of the month that day and the restaurant was empty. All the lunch sets come with a bowl of miso soup. By the way, their online menu isn’t quite updated.


This was the Salmon and Tuna Bento Box. Every bento box comes with Green Salad, Veggie Tempura, Japchae, Daily Side Dish, Rice, Miso Soup & Dessert according to their website but now that I’m reading it again there wasn’t any japchae or dessert? Cannot tell with my bad photo…


This was the Tonkatsu Set and it comes with some sesame seeds that you can grind up and add to the sauce. I found the tonkatsu to be on the dry side so you really need the sauce but the portion was good.

YakinikuyaWe got really excited when we saw that they had sushi boats on their menu. I’m not sure where else I can get a boat these days! *I’M ON A BOAT!*

This was the Sushi and Tempura Boat with salmon, tuna, tai, ebi and tamago nigiri and vegetable tempura. Each boat also comes with a skewer of bacon wrapped asparagus, Japanese pickles, fruit and a small piece of omelet.

YakinikuyaThis was the Sashimi and Tempura Boat. It was essentially the same as the sushi and tempura boat but with sashimi instead of nigiri. Both boats are the same price and come with a bowl of miso soup. I was surprised that the pieces of sashimi were very large. The tai was really rubbery though. I was excited to try the bacon wrapped asparagus but the asparagus was a bit touch to chew. I don’t know why they give you a random piece of omelet on the side…


The Sashimi and Tempura boat also came with a Mini Seafood Bibimbap. Essentially just spicy salmon on rice with some salad thrown in.


Finally I also had the Kimchi Pork Hot Stone Bowl. They also gave us a bottle of hot sauce and a bottle of mayo to add to our liking. The kimchi did not taste like your usual kimchi though. It was more salty like pickled cabbage? I didn’t really mind though since I like all kinds of pickled stuff and overall this was still my favourite dish. The hot stone bowls all seem like good deals!

A lot of their lunch sets are around $10 so the value is good but if you have a group of 6 or more they will charge you 15% gratuity. There was hardly any service for us so we were a bit miffed at the end. Also, my friends found that their tea tasted really off even after we asked them to change it.

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