Cafe Salade de Fruits

My friend was celebrating her birthday at Cafe Salade de Fruits and I’ve always wanted to try it! It’s on 7th between Fir and Granville and it seems to be the only restaurant on the block. They have a small patio space on the sidewalk but the inside of the restaurant is small. We sat right next to the kitchen counter so we could see all the delicious food coming and going! I also liked how they have a large painting of TinTin and his dog on the wall.

Cafe Salade de Fruits

Started off with some warm complimentary bread! They give you pre-packaged butter and it’s buried under the pile of bread. 

Cafe Salade de FruitsWe were all eyeing the Mussels and Fries so we decided to get a small order to share for the table. The small container of mussels was actually huge! It had a nice white wine flavour to the broth and the mussels were impressively plump! I would say there were around 30 in the bucket or more!

Cafe Salade de Fruits The fries were skinny and crispy, some were a bit burnt or over cooked though but still very enjoyable. The waiter warned us that they only serve fries with mayo and there is no ketchup!

Cafe Salade de Fruits

This was the Salade d’avocats et crevettes (avocado and shrimp salad). The portion of salad is really big and there was a good amount of baby shrimp. Each salad is served with a large crispy cracker. My friend thought it needed some more dressing though.

Cafe Salade de Fruits Seabass with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Cafe Salade de Fruits

Halibut and Prawns with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Cafe Salade de Fruits

A dish with rabbit.

Cafe Salade de FruitsI had the Canard Confit served with some black currant sauce, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The presentation was nice with a sprig of rosemary? in the mashed potatoes. The duck leg was tender and the black currant sauce gave it a hint of sweetness. Pretty good but I prefer the version at Les Faux Bourgeois more.

We were all very satisfied with our food and pricing is very reasonable especially for the mussels and fries!

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